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This is the 29th year that House Organ has called on Vanderbilt staff, students, volunteers and faculty to submit photographs to the House Organ Photography Contest, the winners of which will be featured, one per month, in the 2011 House Organ Calendar, to be included in the combined December/January issue.
Only digital images will be accepted for the contest. These may be shot with a digital camera or scanned from prints, but all entries must be submitted electronically.
We are also asking for pictures of your pets. Selected pet pictures will be featured in the February 2011 issue in a “Pets of the Medical Center” feature.
And, in a new twist this year, we invite the Vanderbilt community to send us links to pet videos that you have posted online, so that we may share those links as part of the February 2011 “Pets” issue.
Calendar Photography Contest: Open to all subject matter. Twelve winners will be selected on the basis of interest, technical proficiency and suitability, and printed in the House Organ Calendar.
Pet Photography Division: Photographs of pets of Vanderbilt staff, faculty and students are welcomed. Photographic skill matters less than pictures that show the personality of the pets. It’s OK for people to be in the pictures, too. At the discretion of the judges, pet pictures may be considered for the calendar.
Those who want to include some information about their pets, such as age, or the fact that she was picked up as a stray, or that he howls when a fire truck goes by, are encouraged to do so. At the very least, tell us the pet’s name and the names of others in the pictures.
Pet Videos: Post your pet video to a site that hosts video, such as YouTube (Do not send the video as an attachment. Post it to a host site.) Then send the url to the contest entry address below, and some of the best videos will be linked to from the House Organ website as part of the 2011 Pets issue.

General rules (please read and follow carefully to avoid the disqualification of your entry):
Who may enter: The contest is open to Vanderbilt staff and faculty, volunteers, and students of graduate programs, including nursing and medical students. People who work in News and Communications are not eligible for the calendar competition. The photo must have been taken by the person entering it.
What type of photography is suitable? Anything—studio portraits, still lifes, landscapes, art photographs, aerial photography, pictures of children, pictures of adults and pictures of pets have all won in the past.
What formats are acceptable? The images must saved as .jpg images, and must be at least 300 dpi. (That means no cell phone photos or other low-resolution images; they just won’t work for print).
What information should be included with each entry? Your name, department or school, an address and a phone number should be written on or attached to each entry. Again, with the pet photographs, include the name of the pet and the names of any people in the photograph with the pet.
When is the deadline? Midnight on Friday, Oct. 22. No entries received afterward will be considered.
How do I send a pet video? Post your favorite videos of your pet or pets to a video hosting site, such as YouTube, then send an e-mail with the url link to the entry e-mail address.
How do I enter? Click on the button in the right column to enter, or send photos by e-mail to, saved as .jpg images, and at least 300 dpi.
Enter through Oct. 22 on House Organ Website
House Organ Photo Contest
wants pet photos, videos, more
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